I would like to thank you again for offering nets in a 1/2” size. The 1/2” bale bag has been an absolute godsend to my insulin resistant cob’s health. Not only has it been immensely helpful in keeping food in front of him around the clock and maintaining balance in his blood sugar/weight and his gut health, but it has only just recently begun showing wear and tear after nearly 5 years of 24/7 use! The 1/2” mesh day bags have also proven to be the only thing to even remotely slow down the fjords at the Victoria Therapeutic Association. Our vet is very impressed with them and has been telling clients about them now as well! Thank you for offering a truly amazing product! Shayne - Victoria

Thanks Brenda for the great feedback:  "I would like to thank you for the awesome slow feeder hay nets. Your product is very well made with good quality parts. My goats, mini donkeys, Warmblood horses and even the cows, love the slow feeder!! So easy to use! Thanks again Purely Ponies for a great slow feeder!"


" Thank you so much for creating these amazing products!  My 5 year old paint started cribbing when he was about a year old.  I looked for and tried every remedy I heard about, including every supplement known to man, putting him in a pasture with other horses, making sure he had plenty of toys to occupy his mind, using electric fencing (he just cribbed on the feeders and trees), etc., and nothing worked.  Nothing until I started free feeding with Purely Ponies' hay nets.  Four years of nearly constant cribbing has completely stopped.  Completely!  And he's back to being the playful guy he was when he was a colt - obviously because he feels so much better.   I can't tell you how much it relieves my mind and warms my heart to see the changes in him.  I'm so grateful that there's finally a way to feed him in domesticity that replicates as closely as possible how horses were meant to eat!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Corrinn Davis

"I have 4 of your hay nets, 2 day size for my QH and 2 mini for my miniature.  I absolutely LOVE them!!  They are quick and easy to fill and still look new after several months of use.  I love that they really slow his meal times down.  Instead of eating his meal in an hour it takes him 3 to 4 hours.  I have tried 5 different hay nets and hay bags and have been disappointed in all of them for one reason or another.  My friend recommended you and I added a link to my site and shared your site on my Facebook.  I will be ordering a couple more day size ones so I can keep them loaded up with hay all winter as I live in AB and we get pretty cold here.  Keep up the great work!"  T.L., Alberta

I wanted to let you know how well the nets are working out for our horses. I really appreciate the inclusion of a Free Mini Net. They readily took to the nets, with the result that there is a lot less wasted hay on their part, plus much less frequent refilling of hay nets on our part - so it’s a win/win! The nets are also the easiest we’ve ever used, which is an added bonus!
— Helen
Just letting you know your haybags are fantastic! We have so much less fighting at feeding time because there is already some left in the bags, something that never happened with the slow feed bags from the feed store that had 2 inch openings. I’ll be ordering more when (not if) those last feed store bags wear out!
— L.Z., Maple Ridge, BC

"I absolutely love my Purely Ponies mini hay net! I leave my girls up in the day time due to laminitis and the excess of sugar in the grass where I board them. I would have to give a bale of hay each to keep them fed all day! Or they would go hungry 3/4 of the way through the day. My one pony has a very slow metabolism and very at risk for founder, so I was trying to find anything to slow down her eating, yet prolong it in smaller amounts. Now that I have the mini net, she never has no hay in her stall and is happily munching away when I return. This was the only net I could find that could withstand my pony's aggressive feeding (she likes to bit and tear) her hay, and have small enough holes. Kept the stall cleaner with no wasted hay, and gave me comfort all day! Thank you!! Taylor, USA


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and like to ensure our customers get all the support they need!

"Two years or more and our nets are going strong!  They have literally changed our lives.  Thanks for making such a good, much needed product at an affordable price!"

Put simply, slow feeding horses is giving them access to forage 24 hours a day. Grazing horses on pasture is the ultimate slow feeding system, however, not all horses can cope with constant access to pasture and not all properties have healthy pasture to offer them. So, developing a system of having hay available 24/7 for horses that don’t or can’t have access to grass is the ideal solution to giving them a closer to natural way of eating.
Great Quality Product!
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the Purely Ponies hay bags I ordered this year. They are holding up nicely to the abuse my horses seem to take pleasure in putting them through. They have cut back on the amount of hay consumed, as they are eating much, much slower (thank goodness). Plus Mom, doesn’t have to go to the barn 4 to 5 times a day to make sure they have something to munch on to keep them warm! Thank you for constructing such a great quality product! I’m telling all my horsey friends about them!!
— Anita Cole

"I Just Wanted To Tell You That The Net Is Amazing!  I Am Telling Every Person I Know About Them.  Thanks So Much!" M.R., British Columbia