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Welcome to the Home of Purely Ponies






Spend over $100 and receive a FREE mini hay net!!


We truly believe that we have the STRONGEST slow feed hay net on the market...

but now we are offering an even better product, at a lower price than our competitors!!



Best customer service... best slow feed hay nets!!


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Another Great Testimonial

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with the Purely Ponies hay bags I ordered this year.  They are holding up nicely to the abuse my horses seem to take pleasure in putting them through.  They have cut back on the amount of hay consumed, as they are eating much, much slower (thank goodness)!  We don't have to go to the barn 4 or 5 times a day to make sure they have something to munch on to keep them warm!  Thank you for constructing such a great quality product!  I'm telling all my horsey friends about them!"



 Now available at the following retail stores:

Purity Feed - Kamloops, BC and Merritt, BC

Greenhawk - Kamloops, BC

Diamond H Tack - Kelowna, BC

Rusty Spur Tack and Feed - Lumby, BC

Double K Tack Shop - Chilliwack, BC

Sandra Huot - Prince George, BC



Feel free to contact us if you are a business or club and might be interested in selling our product.  We can provide you with information and wholesale pricing on larger orders! 


 Purely Ponies slow feed hay nets, a proven, quality product!

  • Vet recommended!
  • Better for your horse!
  • Easier for you!

Simple Design, better netting... see for yourself!  Close bags with toggle and use cord to hang where needed.  It's that easy! Pick the net that best suits your needs!  


Have a look at our new video clips, for great ways to make

the most of your Purely Ponies Slow Feed nets!

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Our pony sized hay bags, are made to last!

I am proud to say that my personal mini bags have been used daily now for over a year!!  Better, stronger, weather resistant netting, and attention to detail, ensure a longer life for our hay bags.  I have purchased many inferior bags that have not held up after one feeding, so we are proud of the strength of our bags! 


Little details make all the difference

Our slow feed hay nets are made with strong knotted netting with a 1/2", 1" or 1 1/2" hole size (most competitors nets use 2"-2 1/2" hole size)! This smaller hole size results in less hay wasted on the ground and longer feeding times.  I have also paid attention to make my bags durable as well as easy to use.  Seams are made using heavy corded rope and the bags are opened with an easy cord and toggle system (taking seconds to close).  Bags can then be hung using the cording, much like you would tie a halter to a hitching post. The whole process of filling the bags becomes very simple!


Helping the Cribber!

Thank you so much for creating these amazing products!  My 5 year old Paint started cribbing when he was about a year old.  I looked for and tried every remedy I heard about, including every supplement known to man, putting him in a pasture with other horses, making sure he had plenty of toys to occupy his mind, using electric fencing (he just cribbed on the feeders and trees), etc., and nothing worked.  Nothing until I started free feeding with Purely Ponies' hay nets.  Four years of nearly constant cribbing has completely stopped.  Completely!  And he's back to being the playful guy he was when he was a colt - obviously because he feels so much better.  I can't tell you how much it relieves my mind and warms my heart to see the changes in him.  I'm so grateful that there's finally a way to feed him in domesticity that replicates as closely as possible how horses were meant to eat!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Corrinn Davis