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Free Loader Kit (Net Purchased Separately)
10.50 12.50

Our Free Loader Kit includes everything you need to create your own easy way of filling our hay nets. Make filling hay nets as easy as possible! Instructions included in your package. Free Loaders can be attached to a fence line, mounted on stall walls or windows as a flip down feeder or used in metal panels while travelling. Feeding becomes as easy as pushing the hay into the feeder from the outside of the pen… and you’re done! If the horse is shod, be sure to clip the bottom of the net into a feeder. The possibilities are endless!

Free Loader Kits DO NOT include a net. Either use with an existing net or purchase a new one! Just be sure to remove the cord and toggle (save as a replacement) and weave your net onto the frame. Close with the attached plastic joiner and it is ready to be mounted. (Screws and metal brackets included).

Pooley Ranch All Natural Unpasteurized Honey

Honey is cold processed and still contains pollen and all of honey’s natural anti-bacterial properties. Great light flavour. Improve allergies, boost immunity or use topically on wounds for people or horses for fast and natural healing. 1/2 lb plastic jar perfect for First Aid Kits (or your kitchen cupboard)!

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We have added the title "heavy duty" to all of our slow feed nets! our nets use a thicker gauge that will stand up to daily use.  we use this netting with all our products, but don't worry... they are still available at the same low prices!  

We are always happy to receive great stories of our nets… See our customer praise page for our latest feedback from the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association!

 Why Choose Purely Ponies Slow Feed Nets?

  • Quality Materials - Choose between Knotless 1" mesh netting or Knotted Nylon Netting (available in 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2" mesh).  All our nets are strong enough to stand up to mother nature and still gentle on the Horses Muzzle

  • Thicker gauge netting means horses are less likely to bite at the netting, and it is more likely that your net will last!

  • Easiest Closure System - Close Bag With Toggles And Use The Cord To Hang Where Needed

  • Seams Hand Woven With Strong Rope

  • Color Coded Strings To Easily See The Different Size Nets

  • A Proven, Quality Product, We Have Been Making The Best Slow Feed Nets For The Past 10 Years, So We Know Our Products Will Last - See Our Testimonials!

  • Canadian Made!

The ABC's of slowfeeding - Guide to Using Your new net!


We truly believe that we have the STRONGEST slow feed hay net on the market... but now we are offering an even better product, at a lower price than our competitors!


Simple Design, better netting... see for yourself!  Close bags with toggle and use cord to hang where needed.

It's that easy!  Pick the net that best suits your needs

Best Customer Service... Best Slow Feed Hay Nets!!

I LOVE the new hay bags! They are constructed like the competition, but a notch better. I really like the closure system. Fast and simple with no knots to tie and untie. The netting is great too, very strong! Thanks, for a great product!
— A.M., British Columbia

Slow Feeding Just Makes Sense...

  • Less waste!  An investment that will pay for itself almost immediately!


  • Reduced risk of colic, chock, laminitis. Grazing animals naturally eat at a slower rate, Eating from a slow feed net is a great way to mimic natural grazing as it reduces consumption rates, yet still allows free choice. The health benefits are endless!

  • A MUST HAVE for owners of overweight horses or those with metabolic syndrome.  Slow feeding Regulates Insulin Levels!  obese horses have food all day,  they just take longer to eat their portions.

  • Makes it easy to soak hay for horses that require reduce sugar diets.

  • No rushing out before riding. Pre-fill hay nets for Easy feedings!

  • Less aggression at feeding time as hay is always accessible.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about your new net.

We love Bio equine products!

Please take time to shop our affiliate product.

Vitamins, minerals and probiotics that:

  • stimulates digestions

  • is a gut cleanser / natural wormer

  • helps prevent colic

  • contributes to a beautiful coat

  • has no artificial fillers or sugars

Our goal is to formulate and provide products that are pure, raw, therapeutic concentrates. We add no sugars, flavors, starches, heat processing or toxic binders. We do not add cheap ingredients like dehydrated alfalfa to make it look like you are getting more product for your money. Our containers are small, heavy and packed with active ingredients.