January Special

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Purely Ponies slow feed hay nets, are a proven, quality product!  We have been on the market for over 6 years, so we know that our products will last! 

We truly believe that we have the STRONGEST slow feed hay net on the market... but now we are offering an even better product, at a lower price than our competitors!

Simple Design, better netting... see for yourself! 


Close bags With toggle and use cord to hang where needed. 

I LOVE the new hay bags! They are constructed like the competition, but a notch better. I really like the closure system. Fast and simple with no knots to tie and untie. The netting is great too, very strong! Thanks, for a great product!
— A.M., British Columbia

It's that easy! Pick the net that best suits your needs! 

Best Customer Service... Best Slow Feed Hay Nets!!


Slow Feeding just makes sense...



  • Vet recommended!

  • Extended feeding times
  • Less wasted hay, just makes sense
  • No rushing out to feed in the dark
  • Ride when you want to, knowing that your horses have a full belly
  • Horses are less aggressive around feeding, as they do not go long periods of time without feed
  • Great for digestion, mimics a more natural way of eating
  • Makes hay easy to soak if needed
  • Happier animals, not just for horses... ponies, goats, llamas, donkeys, mules, pigs, chickens, bunnies - slow feeding can entertain and satisfy most of your barn yard animals


Why choose Purely Ponies nets?

  • quality materials - strongest gauge knotted nylon netting

  • easiest closure system - close bag with toggles and use the cord to hang where needed

  • all seams hand woven with strong rope closure seams

  • color coded Strings to easily see the different size nets

  • a proven, quality product, we have been making the best slow feed nets for the past 6 years, so we know our products will last - see our testimonials!

  • Canadian Made!!

Now Available at the following Retail Stores:

Purity Feeds - Kamloops, BC & Merritt, BC

Greenhawk - Kamloops, BC

Diamond H Tack - Kelowna, BC

Rusty Spur Tack and Feed - Lumby, BC

Double K Tack Shop - Chilliwack, BC

Sandra Huot - Prince George, BC

Helping the Cribber!
Thank you so much for creating these amazing products! My 5 year old paint started cribbing when he was about a year old. I looked for and tried every remedy I heard about, including every supplement known to man. Putting him in a pasture with other horses, making sure he had plenty of toys to occupy his mind, using electric fencing (he just cribbed on the feeders and trees), etc., and nothing worked. Nothing until I started free feeding with Purely Ponie’s hay nets. Four years of nearly constant cribbing has completely stopped. Completely! And he’s back to being the playful guy he was when he was a colt - obviously because he feels so much better. I can’t tell you how much it relieves my mind and warms my heart to see the changes in him. I’m so grateful that there’s finally a way to feed him in domesticity that replicates as closely as possible how horses were meant to eat! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Corrinn Davis